Servant Of God Fr. John Hardon

Quotes On The Importance Of Eucharistic Adoration

imageA very saintly priest, Servant Of God Father Hardon had many assignments throughout his 53 years as a priest.  Much of his mission as a priest seemed to be centered around promoting reverence towards the Blessed Sacrament urging priests and lay people to establish Perpetual Adoration.   Here are some of his quotes about the importance of Eucharistic Adoration in our lives:

  • "I strongly recommend that each of us make a resolution - no matter how much the decision may cost us - to make a Holy hour...once a week."

  • "If we have the grace and our vocation in life permits it (we should make a Holy Hour) several times a week."

  • "It is impossible in human terms to exaggerate the importance of being in (Adoration) as often and for as long as our duties and state of life allow. I very seldom repeat what I say. Let me repeat this sentence. It is impossible in human language to exaggerate the importance of being in (Adoration) as often and for as long as our duties and state of life allow. That sentence is the talisman of the highest sanctity."

  • "We are given graces to overcome our fears and to accomplish great things at Adoration."

  • "The blessings we may expect are the blessings already proven by the lives of all the great saints who were devoted to the Holy Eucharist."

  • "Not only does our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament give us the courage to cope with our natural fears, He also gives us the ability to undertake great things for the sake of His name and the power to undergo great trials in our loyalty to His cause."

  • "During our Holy Hour our souls are fed in two faculties of the spirit - the Mind and the Will. In the Mind we need light; in the Will we need strength."

  • "We should build the whole edifice of our spiritual life around Adoration. We should not hesitate to ask Him to work miracles, now, as He did in Palestine."

  • "For Jesus to 'work miracles' is available in our day on one condition. That we come to him in Adoration and confidently beg him to give us the graces that we so desperately need."

  • "Jesus asked, 'Who touched me? I felt the power going out from Me.'  In the same way, because Christ is present on the earth in the Eucharist, He radiates grace. Grace emanates from Him - grace goes out from Him."

  • "There is no greater profession of faith possible for a human being to make here on earth than during prayer before the Holy Eucharist; so we ask, why should prayer before Christ in the Blessed Sacrament be so powerful in obtaining miracles of conversion-- is because it is prayer rising from faith in the cardinal mystery of Christianity. (Source: Eucharistic Adoration For Priests Blog –

  • "How do we grow in a deeper love of Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament? By taking every opportunity of being in His Eucharistic Presence during the day and, shall I add, into the night. "